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Experience a world of exceptional training programs at Ontario School of Ballet in Toronto. Our Summer Dance programs offer diverse options, from the engaging Primary Dance Camp to the intensive Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate Dance Intensive. Our exclusive partnership with Pivot Dancer brings expert advice and training, enhancing injury prevention, pointe work, stretching, and strength. Elevate your skills with the prestigious Trillium Dance Company, designed for provincial and national competitions. Join us to nurture talent, promote health, and elevate your dance adventure.

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Summer Programming

Ignite your summer with our exciting Summer Dance Program! Choose from a variety of engaging programs, including the Primary Dance Camp from July 31 to August 11, the Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate Dance Intensive from August 14 to 25, and the Acro Reboot from July 24 to 28.

Trillium Dance Company

By audition or invitation only, this intensive training program is designed for dedicated students seeking to enhance their technical skills and compete at provincial and national performance competitions. Join us for choreographic classes, develop stage precision, and embark on thrilling performance opportunities across Ontario.

Pivot Dancer

OSB’s exclusive partnership, bringing science to our studio! With expert training, it supports injury prevention, pointe work, safe stretching, strengthening, and conditioning, ensuring the best training for our dancers. Led by Physiotherapist Dinah Hampson, this program connects students with global professionals for their health and safety in dance.

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