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The Ontario School of Ballet (OSB) was founded in 1979 by Executive Director Sarah Lockett, to provide high quality dance instruction for students of all ages, in an inspirational environment.

About OSB Toronto

At Ontario School Of Ballet, we are committed to nurturing students from recreational to pre-professional levels of dance, by developing skills through expert programming.

Ms. Lockett’s 44 years of experience has guided thousands of young dancers from the basics to professional careers.

Situated in the Greater Toronto area, OSB is one of Canada’s leading dance training institutions. All classes are taught by expert accredited dance educators and limited class sizes allow for individual attention and guidance.

The school is committed to fostering the development of disciplined, self-confident students, who will grow from their training, whether their goal is to achieve a career in dance, or apply the knowledge they have gained to other professions.

OSB is also a registered charitable organization.

Our Mission

At OSB, our aim is to provide a consummate education in the art of dancing. An education that imparts self-discipline, dedication, creativity, physical confidence and appreciation of culture through the sheer joy of movement.

Our Values

At Ontario School of Ballet we believe in:

  • Passion & Fun – the more excitement and passion you put into your training, the faster your dancing will improve.
  • Self Confidence – discipline and self-motivation are critical ingredients of high achieving dance students.
  • Exceptional Experiences – All our students deserve an exceptional experience every time they participate in a dance class.
  • Teamwork – We’re stronger together and can achieve so much more when we work as part of a passionate community.

Our Faculty

Sarah Lockett

Executive Director and Founder (1979) - ARAD, AISTD

Ignite Their Passion, Shape Their Future

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