Emily Salinas


Emily Salinas


Emily Salinas has been dancing for 20 years, since the young age of three. Her passion for dance began at the studio Ontario School of Ballet where she trained in various art forms such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Acro and Hip Hop. Here she trained in R.A.D successfully completing all levels up to Advanced 2.

Additionally, Emily trained in the A.D.A.P.T syllabus for Jazz and Tap, completing up to the Advanced level for Jazz. Emily also went to Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts to further her dance training in ballet and modern technique. Continuing her career, she went to Ryerson University and was a part of the Ryerson Dance Pak for three years where they successfully competed in multiple dance competitions and performed at numerous varsity games.

Her love for dance has led her to teach Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop as a Dance Instructor for the City of Toronto in various community centres. Emily is a graduate of the A.D.A.P.T Teacher Training Program.

Emily’s drive for dance has never ended and she continues to train, take classes and participate in workshops in order to fuel her love for dance.